Cours de persan au Temple Zoroastrien de Paris
  • The Yuezhi

    Yuezhi wariors on embroidery Fragment of textile coming from three barrows in Noyon uul cemeteries on the north-eastern border of Mongolia. The Yuezhi were an Indo-European people often identified with the Tokharians of Classical sources. They were originally settled in the arid grasslands of the eastern Tarim Basin area, in what is today Xinjiang and western Gansu, in China, before they migrated to Transoxiana, Bactria and then northern South Asia, where one branch of the Yuezhi founded the Kushan Empire. The first known references to the Yuezhi are contained in the Yizhoushu, Guanzi and Tale of King Mu, Son of Heaven. The dates of the most common version of this book are disputed, however, and it may date to as late as (...)
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