Avesta Peshmerga
  • Return of the Medes

    by Babak KHANDANI

    Like the Shahnameh of Ferdowsi, Hamma F. Mirwaisi divides his book in three part: legendary, semi-historical and finally, autobiography. In the first part, he treats the period from the germination to the Achaemenid Empire; in the second, the period from the conquest of Alexander to Arab invasion; and the last part is the story of the life of millions of Iraqi Kurd, but told in the third person, that of the Fourhati, born on the border between modern Iraq and Iran. Hamma F. Mirwaisi is an Iraqi Kurd who was exiled in Iran after the 1975 peace treaty the Shah accepted to sign with Iraq. Before the treaty, the Kurds in Iraq were backed by Iran to wage war against the Ba’athist regime. But, with the peace settlement, the Iranian (...)
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