Hommage à Shafa à Paris
  • The Elements of Hittite

    In the 14th century BC the Hittites became the supreme political and military power in the Near East. Their tongue, the Hittite, is the earliest attested Indo-European language and is the best known of the Anatolian branch. However, the name given to it — Hittite — is the modern appellation for the language, chosen after the identification of the Hatti (Khatti) kingdom with the Hittites mentioned in the Bible (Hebrew Kheti), although this identification was subsequently challenged. The terms Hattian or Hattic, by contrast, are used to refer to the indigenous people who preceded them, and their non Indo-European Hattic language. Hittite is is known from cuneiform tablets and inscriptions erected by the Hittite kings. The script (...)
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